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There is no Monster in this Room
2023 / metal, textile, porcelain, ceramics / 200 x 200 x 150
"On the New. Viennese Scenes and Beyond. Part 3"  Belvedere 21 
Photo: © Simon Veres ,  Johannes Stoll  / Belvedere, Vienna ,  © Seidler


Julia Belova's art treads a fine line  between exuberant kitsch and horror. The bright pastel colours of her chandeliers and porcelain objects stand in stark contrast to other motifs like snakes, skulls, or deformed putti. The artist often combines soft fabrics with sharp points in her sculptures and installations.Drawing on a baroque formal vocabulary, she negotiates themes such as death and transience as well as corporeality and sexuality. With an attentive eye to the contradictions between socially defined roles and individual ones, especially those of women and non-binary people, Belova lets new queer bodies emerge. 

Text : Ana Petrovich / Belvedere 21

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