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b. 1991 Tver, Russia

lives and works in Vienna

Julia Belova experiments with the religious aesthetic of the Baroque and reinterprets the corporeality of this period with queer feminist approaches. Her sculptures are woven into a performative practice of self-destruction and transformation, addressing the theme of transience. A queer immigrant, the artist adopts an aesthetic that is exotic to Russian culture.


2016 – n/a   Academy of Fine Arts Vienna (Prof. Julian Göthe)

2019             Royal Institute of Art Stockholm (exchange semester)

2015              BA, MFA  St.Petersburg Stieglitz State Academy of Art and Design


2023             Guest lecturer, New Design University St Pölten 

2022             Guest lecturer, University of Arts Linz

 Solo Exhibitions

2022  Himmelblau , WIENSTATION night club, hosted by Rudolf Leeb Gallery, Vienna

2022  Vienna Contemporary Zone1, presented by Rudolf Leeb Gallery, curated by Tjaša Pogačar,                   Vienna

2022  Snakes have many Faces, Sothebys Artist Quarterly, Vienna

2022  Pacification, Sevkabel Port, curated by Anna Zavediy, St Petersburg

2021   Ich Dich Nicht, Rudolf Leeb Gallery, Vienna
2021   Sincerely, FFTN gallery, curated by Veronika Nikiforova, St Petersburg

2018  Mellow Yellow Swallows Bellow, StoneOvenHouse, Turin
2018  Luxurious Oystes, Stern Studio Gallery, Vienna
2016  Paradise, St Peter and Paul Church (permanent exposure), St Petersburg

 Group Exhibitions (Selection)

2023  On the New. Viennese Scenes and Beyond, Belvedere 21, Vienna 

2023  Sieben Todsünden, curated by Andreas Hoffer, Kunsthalle Krems

2023   Life on its own, Kunstraum Schwaz
2023  Down the Glitter Hole, Young Curators Club, Vienna

2023  Women Life Freedom, charity exhibition , ANN Verein, Vienna
2022  I put on my rose-colored glasses to see the world in black, curated by Ilia Kronchev-Ivanov,               Angelina Braun, Nadia Kovaleva, "Beriozka" Gallery, hosted by Interval Art , St Petersburg
2022  Proximity and Distance, curated by Katerina Dimitrova, Seestadt Tower and Seestadt Halle,               Vienna
2022  Skulpturgarten, Parallel & Never at Home, Palais Auersperg, Vienna

2022  BLASFEMinISTKI, curated by Iwona Demko and Renata Kopyto, Dom Norymberski, Krakow

2021  Lebhafte Materie, curated by Jan Gustav Fiedler and Stefanie Winter, Motherboard, Vienna

2021  Liquid Solidity, Projektraum Zieglergasse, Vienna
2020  Hortus Conclusus Sculpture Garden, Schloss 25, Vienna

2019  Sovereignty in Chaos, curated by Camilla Cole (Cole Projects), LLLLLLI Gallery, Vienna

2019  Gamma Festival, collab with Egor Laptarev, Stepan Razin Brewery, St Petersburg
2019  Suspense 2.0, curated by Igor Baranov and Ira Tatarnikova, Sevkabel Port, St Petersburg

2019  This Container has no windows, curated by Annika Eriksson, Royal Institut of Art, Stockholm

2019  Pushing Boundaries, curated by Marcia Kure, Royal Institute of Art, Stockholm
2019  Neue Wiener Ernsthaftigkeit, Semperdepot, Vienna
2018  How about a Menage a trois? Visuality, Studio H is the Shit, Munich

2018  Facets of Queer, Størpunkt Gallery, Munich
2018  What happend after Kindergarden, Snerk Gallery, Tromsø, Norway
2018  Jeder Jäger Würde Gerne Wissen Wo Der Fasan Sitzt, Stiegenkeller, Vienna
2018  Clitical Talk, Improper Walls, Vienna
2018  Your Pressure is my Pleasure, Fine Arts Academy, Vienna
2017  Graphik Language, Aa Collections, Vienna 2017 In Colors Of Sun and Sky, Mondi, Vienna

2017  Tschau Ragazzi, Akademy of Fine Arts, Vienna
2017  Demystifying Femininity, Improper Walls, Vienna
2017  Upstream!east, Easyupstream, Munich
2016  Scorched Earth Happy Land, Aa Collections, Vienna

2016  Artefact, Dukley Art, Budva, Montenegro
2012  Young Porcelain, Imperial Porcelain Factory Gallery, St Petersburg


2023 PARNASS Heft 4/2023 September-Dezember 

2023 On the New. Viennese Scenes and Beyond , exhibition catalog, Belvedere 21 

2023 Vernissage 364/2023 

2023 Seven Deadly Sins , exhibition catalog , Kunsthalle Krems 

2022 PARNASS Heft 3/2022 September-Dezember
2022 Die Presse , Issue Nr.23.083 2.September 2022
2021 TWIN Magazine London, Issue XXV November
2021 PARNASS Auctions & Fine Arts, Special / Herbst
2021 Les Nouveaux Riches

2020 Galerie Rudolfs Leeb

2020 Les Nouveaux Riches

2020 Salone Interior Magazine Russia, Issue No7/8 (261) July-August


2020  1st Prize of design and creation of Diversitas Awards 2020, Vienna

2019   3th Prize of “Vzlet VDNH” , Moscow

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