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Queering Baroque

2023 /porcelain, wax, pigments, glaze, chain / 60 x 55 x 60 cm
"Seven Deadly Sins" , curated by Andreas Hoffer , Kunsthalle Krems 2023
Photo: ©Christian Redtenbacher (exhibition view ) and ©Mira Klug 


I consider lust a sin when women are objectified with a patriarchal gaze and aren’t perceived  as individuals with their own desires.

There is a great debate about whether or not Christianity regards homosexuality as a sin. But if the pope only now speaks about this subject and is criticized for it . . . There’s another debate going on, however: Does the church also condemn sex between women? The existence of this question alone confirms that women are seen as less important in patriarchal structures.

People often claim that they aren’t homophobic, because they are only repulsed by male gay sex and even watch “lesbian” porn—a different form of misogyny, that “male gaze”: when women are depicted in a way heterosexual men find pleasing. I see this as the

great sin of the art world. But what if the artist herself is queer? Does the work of art then become the sinful creation of a sinner depicting a sin?

Text : Elizaveta Belorusova

Text edition: Philipp Missaghi / Kunsthalle Krems

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