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Chandelier with yellow Snakes 

2022 /porcelain, wax, pigments, glaze, chain / 50 x 45 x 50 cm 
"Snakes have many Faces" Sotheby's Artist Quarterly Vienna 2022

Photo: ©Philipp Schuster (exhibition view) and © - Joanna Pianka 

A magnificent chandelier hangs from the ceiling in the absolutist manner, yellow snakes crawl out of the chandelier, its outgrowths of yellow wax acting as a source of light. As the candles slowly burn down, the work gradually fades away, thus thematising the subject of transience on another level. In terms of content, however, the multiple snake metaphors refer to the plurality of faces of evil.

The choice of materials also shows connections to the Baroque. At that time, porcelain experienced a high point above all in the design of figurines, decorative objects and tableware. Julia Belova, on the other hand, integrates porcelain into the contemporary context and uses the texture of the material in her artistic practice to create imitations. The hard porcelain simulates a soft, flowing form characterised by sweeping movement and sumptuous rhythm, thus illustrating dualisms that were also omnipresent in the Baroque period.

Text: Paula Marschalek

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