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Chandelier with lilac Snakes

2022 / porcelain, wax, pigments, glaze, steel, chain /180 x 80 x 40 cm 
"Seven Deadly Sins" , curated by Andreas Hoffer , Kunsthalle Krems 2023
Photo: © Mira Klug and ©Agnes Winkler (exhibition view)

"Julia Belova creates a dystopian- looking world that refers to current world political events on several levels and brings baroque motifs, such as memento mori or vanitas, into focus. In her artistic practice, she deals with the aesthetics of the Baroque, gives it a contemporary expression and addresses themes such as hedonism, sexuality, corporeality, eroticism, but also religiosity."

Text (fragment) : Paula Marschalek

"Chandelier with lilac Snakes"  is woven into a performative practice of self-destruction and transformation, addressing the theme of transience. For the exhibition "Seven Deadly Sins" at the Kunsthalle Krems was made an time-lapse video of the candles burning, which are an extension of the porcelain sculpture. The performative aspect of this sculpture can continue indefinitely as the candles are replaced and the wax that builds up in layers on the sculpture gradually changes its form.

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